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Somedays are harder than others and lately I have been having multiple of those harder days. I needed to address this and find out what has been going on that could be changed. This led me to contemplating what is going on. Through my contemplation I realized that things haven't really been "harder", rather things have been more. I am taking more classes, my daughter has more activities, my son has been calling and talking to me more. I realized that I have not been having "harder" days. I've been having "more" days.

Through a different lens and taking some moments to look at what I have been doing I found it to be refreshing that it wasn't truly a bad thing to have "more" going on. I signed up for more classes deliberately to support reaching my goals. This was encouraging as I reflected back on when I made the decision to attend more classes and I remembered that it would be busier than normal. I acknowledged it then, and through my contemplation I acknowledge it again.

Recognizing the differences between "harder" and "more" is important to me. I think back to when I had "harder" times. I find that the difference is that when it was harder, there was not an end felt relentless and hopeless. Now with my "more" days, I see when life will relax and let up again. This brings me hope and encouragement as I continue to contemplate the things that are going on.

Life fluctuates from busy to not busy and I wonder if on multiple occasions when life is busier, we naturally associate that life is harder. If we take a moment and look at things from an outside lens we may surprise ourselves as we discover that our "harder" days are the days of growth and momentum. Once recognizing this, maybe we would be better able to balance what we are doing and build some resilience to our perspectives. Just a thought for today as I am contemplating and recognizing my own growth through these "harder" or rather “more” days.

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