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Starting A New Chapter



This is a new chapter of my life. I've accomplished things and I've failed at things. As I reflect back, I can see that my failures are more than my accomplishments. That being said, it's my accomplishments that mean the most to me and have made a lasting impression on me and my life. I would like to express my gratitude for each one of my failures. Without each one I would not be here starting this chapter of my life.

This chapter is exciting for me and I am excited to share with you the start. This is a new business, a new venture, a new challenge. What's not new is that I am still working with people. All my life, a constant has been my joy of working with people and empowering them to achieve their potential. As a coach I will get to continue working with people and helping them identify their strengths, help them discover their path, and celebrate with them in their success.

A perspective that I would like to share. When in the middle of a difficult moment, take your time and breath before making a decision. I think about moments where I didn't breath and take my time, I made choices that were not always the best, or rather......didn't have the best outcome. A decision has an outcome, and taking your time to look forward and see possible outcomes can help in making a decision. Using breathing can help you slow yourself down, and think before you decide. Breathing is necessary for life, make it necessary for decisions.

Welcome to the next chapter of my life............ A journey forward.


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